My Ten Best Places of Pilgrimage

Llyn y Fan Fach

The lake of Llyn y Fan Fach

Over the next few weeks I am going to write a series of posts about my ten favourite places of pilgrimage, ie places with a special quality or atmosphere, good to go to when you need inspiration or comfort. The lake above will be one, and I’ve just done a post about St Margaret’s Church in Herefordshire – known for its rood screen but, for me, it’s the astonishing stained glass windows which make it particularly wonderful.

I am hoping that you, the readers of this blog will respond with some notes about the places you love, saying why you do.

I’ll definitely be writing about Skara Brae in Orkney, Skellig Michael off the west coast of Ireland, and Queen’s Wood in Highgate.


2 thoughts on “My Ten Best Places of Pilgrimage

  1. I loved Mont saint Michel in France, especially if you stay on the island so you can enjoy it without people the next day 😉 if there is anywhere else in wales or the uk let me know, as hope to make some more Pilgrimages there this year. Thanks for your blog and subjects, great stuff!!!

    1. THanks, Michelle. btw, did you know there is a St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall which is well worth a visit, especially at Michaelmas. There are loads of places in Wales. Where to start? Anglesey (Ynys Mon in Welsh) has some wonderful sacred sites. You have prompted me to post more about other sites, which I will do very soon.

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