When I was fifteen I wanted to be Jean Luc Godard – or possibly Alain Resnais, whose L’Annee Derniere a Marienbad seemed incredibly cool, mysterious and deep. My friend Ro and I made films on the school’s Standard 8 cine-camera and showed them to captive first-formers at lunchtime on a whirry projector connected to a reel-to-reel tape-recorder which kept the soundtrack in sync – sort of. On Fridays we got out of domestic science by sneaking off to the Classic Cinema in South Croydon and waiting for an old lady to turn up, to take us in to the ‘A’ rated movies. We were planning to go and live in Paris, work nights in a telephone exchange, and make films by day. Ro grew up to became a psychotherapist, but I did make films – trouble is, they were documentaries.

I did sometimes get the chance to direct drama sequences, and I wrote some books along the way, so I was always skirting around the possiblity that I might write a film script. But it wasn’t until I hit 60 that I realised that I had better get on with it! So, I got started, went on courses, started a screenplay group, watched films relentlessly, always asking myself: why do I like/not like this? How does she make this work? (By the way, I reckon Precious, Head On and The Tree of Life are my favourites currently.) A group of talented local actors did a reading of it for me, and I made some changes after hearing what worked and what didn’t, so am now approaching the moment of truth when this dream needs to become a reality.

I have had great help and mentoring from friends. Now I need a producer. The film, The House of the Waters, is about the solving of a riddle from the Mabinogion. The heroine is a psychiatrist called Sita, half Indian and half-Welsh, who comes back to Wales to find the beloved uncle she has neglected. But he is dying, and challenges her to solve the riddle – and inherit his House and the magical lineage that goes with it. You can find a link to the little taster I knocked together on the PC a couple of blogs back.

So, if you know of a producer who might work with me…..I promise I will invite you to the premiere, at the Brecon Coliseum, reception afterwards at Llandefalle Village hall, overlooking the Black mountains, Dunkertons cider only to be served. Ok, I am jumping ahead, but at least I am keeping it local!


2 thoughts on “‘Incredibly cool, mysterious and deep’ – the film I want to make.

  1. Dear Sister,

    I wish you all luck and good connections for your film, and if I win the lottery I would love

    to put up the money and get on the credits. Perhaps you could slip one of my paintings

    into a scene…… !



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